Marketing and resale packages for SaaS companies

We offer three marketing and resales packages (START, SALES ja GROWTH) to increase the visibility of your SaaS product(s) and increase your sales. All packages include the active resale of your product(s) on our site and online store as well as good visibility across our digital marketing channels.


The START package is for smaller SaaS companies who are seeking new customers, increased visibility and want to get their products up for sale quickly. Companies save the start-up costs of setting up their own sales channel and can start sales immediately.

The START package contains the following services:

  • A point of sale on the SaaShop online store.
  • A product card in one product category
  • 1 month visibility in the “New” category
  • A product page in the online shop where orders begin.
  • Product ordering
  • Product payment by credit card, invoice or online bank payments.
  • Customer support and user support (1st tier support) on weekdays 9-17.

Our commission is 35 % of sales

The price of the START package is 79 €/mo

A discount is available for a 12 mo contract priced at:

590 €/yr

Save over 30% with a yearly contract

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SALES is meant for SaaS companies seeking growth. The company is actively seeking new customers and strong visibility including on social media.

The START package contains the followin services:

  • Everything from START.
  • Raised visibility in product categories
  • A dedicated product presentation page on
  • Article. An interview-based story which tell about the company and its service in a way which interests business decision makers..
  • Google marketing (25€/mo budget) as well as social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram) budget 50€/mo.

Our commission is 30 % of sales

SaaShop SALES package priced at 249€/mo

A discount is available for a 12 mo contract priced at:

1 790 €/yr

Save over 40% with a yearly contract

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GROWTH is intended for established software companies looking for powerful visibility that want place themselves at the best point of sale.

The GROWTH package includes the following:

  • Everything in the START & SALES packages.
  • Increased visibility in the selected product category as well as expanded visibility in a second category
  • A second article story
  • Production of a Screencapture video displaying your product.
  • 4 slots in the SaaShop newsletter (spread out over 12 months)
  • 3 x 1 mo visibility in the “Promotions” category
  • Social media marketing budget tripled (225€/mo. total)
  • Active sales from SaaShop telesales (min. 5 presentations/mo.)
  • Significantly lower commission rates on sales

Our commission is 20 % of sales

The SaaShop GROWTH package priced at 1 290€/mo

A discount is available for a 12 mo contract priced at:

7 500 €/yr

Save over 50% with a yearly contract

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Free visibility for newly established SaaS companies

We are an open marketplace where you can join with free visibility. It is primarily intended for SaaS companies who are just starting out. Please note that free visibility is passive and we do not sell for you.


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