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General Question

Who provides user support to the buyer2021-10-21T17:03:17+03:00

SaaShop answers the inquiries of the buyer related to the SaaS product, processes them and, if necessary, forwards them to the seller, or seeks a response from the seller.

With the Concierge and API -service SaaShop will also manage additional customer services:

  • general customer service, such as billing and contract matters,
  • support for basic deployment and
  • counseling and guidance in problem situations.

Support related to the use of the product and technical problems is provided to the Buyer by the Seller’s own Support Service. SaaShop directs these inquiries directly to Customer Support, or requests responses and delivers them to the Buyer.

What is the Concierge Service2021-10-21T17:06:32+03:00

By ordering a concierge service, a SaaS company can receive orders and quotes from marketplace visitors and current SaaShop customers via SaaShop Sales Desk personnel.  Yes, we will work as your external sales team!

What is SaaShop?2019-08-05T10:00:39+03:00

SaaShop is an open marketplace for SaaS products. We connect SaaS Sellers to Buyers. Sellers are SaaS companies with a self-service or Low-touch SaaS product.

Who is the Seller?2019-08-05T10:01:18+03:00

Seller is a SaaS company with a self-service SaaS product of high quality, suitable for businesses, consumers and/or associations.

Who is the Buyer?2019-08-05T10:02:52+03:00

The buyer is an employee, team leader, or manager of a company looking for a SaaS product. The buyer can also be a small entrepreneur, a free-lance or a consumer. In some cases, the buyer is a representative of the association or government department.

Can anyone join as a Seller?2019-10-23T09:04:33+03:00

No. The marketplace is intended for SaaS products, which the end customer can setup and use as self-service.

However, the SaaS product does not need to be a 100% self-service product. There may be a light personalization or moderate sales consultancy before the purchase.

In addition, we evaluate the products we sell. We want to offer good quality SaaS products.Check the requirements for joining. → Requirements for SaaS.

Also at the moment we have limited Sellers (headquarters) to specific countries → See the list of approved HQ locations.

Who can buy SaaS software from SaaShop?2019-08-05T10:04:49+03:00

Basically, anyone with a credit card and ability to pay. However, marketplace products are mainly SaaS products designed for business use.

What does .FI mean?2019-08-05T10:05:29+03:00

.fi is the Finnish domain name extension. Finland is a technologically advanced and equal country in Northern Europe. Finnish inventions include: Linux operating system, text messaging, angry Birds, AIV feed preservation method, wobble lure (Rapala), xylitol chewing gum, high-tech paper machines, and ships, and a hot room called Sauna. Also, the Santa is living in the northern part of Finland, Korvatunturi.

Is SaaShop free for SaaS companies?2019-08-05T10:06:15+03:00

Depends on how you define free. We are business and our goal is to be profitable, but we don’t take money from the basic service or in advance. In other words, if we don’t sell you, we won’t bill you either.

So, joining the marketplace, improving your visibility, integration to SaaShop Marketplace through API is completely free. However, if you want, you can buy additional marketing services called SaaShop Plans.

We only take a commission from the sales that come through SaaShop.

So, not free, but risk-free.

Is there a fee for a seller for joining the marketplace?2019-10-23T09:02:07+03:00

No. We do not charge any fixed fee for joining or participation. We only take a commission from sales that come through our marketplace.
You can also buy optional marketing services called SaaShop Marketing Plans.

Are there any ongoing costs for visibility or sales?2019-08-05T10:08:22+03:00

No fixed continuous costs.
We only take a commission from the MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) that comes through us.

We don’t have an automatic provisioning yet, but can we still join?2021-10-21T11:28:37+03:00

Yes. Your SaaS product gets free visibility, and you can take advantage of our ready-made guides, templates and best practices to build your provisioning. The API for provisioning will be released soon.

How much is the commission?2019-08-19T12:50:27+03:00

The size of the commission depends on how much integration you have built into the marketplace. The wider the integration, the smaller the commission.

The size of the commission is 20% from the MRR for Early-Bird Accounts! Commission for SaaS-companies signing later is 30%.

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Who makes the contract with the end customer?2019-08-05T10:12:34+03:00

The buyer signs a contract with SaaShop. In addition, the buyer (or buyers users) accepts the EULA (end-user license agreement) of SaaS.

How the seller receives money from orders.2021-10-21T11:21:29+03:00

The seller will be credited monthly via bank transfer or via Stripe account. The commission will be deducted from each transfer.

Are there any other costs, like payment provider fees or listing fees that are deducted from the transfer?2019-08-05T10:13:40+03:00


When sales are credited to the seller?2021-10-21T11:29:59+03:00

The buyers have a seven-day money-back guarantee after each transaction. The sales will be credited to the seller monthly, in cases there is no cancellation during the seven days.

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